Drupaljam 2022 re:United

12 september 2022

Dear friend of Drupaljam,

Last week we had an amazing Drupaljam. While the past two years have been great online, it's been no substitute to seeing each other in person! It was so great to catch up again. Good talks, great sessions and an amazing hallway with so many familiar and new faces, it all came together brilliantly at Drupaljam 2022 re:United!


Photo album

Photo's! Yes, there are a already quite some in the album. Thanks Eelco Romeijn/POI Creatives for taking care of the photos and videos. It's an open source album, so you can contribute to it if you'd like, under CC BY-NC 4.0 (your photo's will be subject to it too). 

Session video's

Alle of our sessions have been recorded, the main stage is already available and more breakout sessions are coming online this week. You can rewatch your favorite session or see the ones you have missed. Find our Drupaljam 2022 re:United playlist here on YouTube.

We hope you had an amazing day and we look forward to seeing each other again in person soon! All the best! Carole, Jean-Paul, Bert, Eric and Imre.